Sunday, 3 January 2010

Eat My Shorts...

Federico Alvarez destroys a city and gets given $30million

Well, not exactly. But Alvarez's short film Panic Attack has made a huge impact on filmmaking, after catching the eyes of a few directors. Federico Alvarez made Panic Attack for a mere $300, and just a weekend after posting the video on the Internet, Sam Raimi's own production company Ghost House Pictures caught it and offered the director a big money deal to make a feature film. An incredible feat in independent movie making, and one that should inspire thousands of wannabe filmmakers out there.

The film is only 5 minutes long, and has a simple storyline of robots attacking the city. It's a simple story that many may think is far too easy to pull of but once you see the effects and scale that this film reaches, you wonder how it was made for so little. The musical score fits in perfectly, but this is a short to inspire. After seeing this, you can't complain about budget, and you can only think that everything in film is possible.

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